birth chart readings help provide insight + understanding into your life's true purpose. your birth chart is a snapshot of what was happening in the universe at the exact moment of your birth. readings are a close look at your personality + character traits, emotional tendencies, behavioral patterns + how you can use this information to lead a happier, fuller, more balanced life.

 i believe in an accessible approach to everything i do. i don’t use “astrology speak” unless necessary +, even then, i break it down in a way that is relatable + understandable. we will have a fluid conversation where you can elaborate as much or as little as you want, ask questions + be heard. i won’t just be talking at you. this is a collective experience.

during your reading, we will explore the following:

  • sun sign + its relationship to other planets: your ego + how you show up + out in the world

  • moon sign + its relationship to other planets: your emotional body

  • rising sign: how others see you

  • saturn + patterns of behavior based on the timeline of your life: the planet of life lessons + where you need to focus your energy + attention during this lifetime

  • true node: a big piece of the puzzle in leading your most authentic life

  • the elements: how fire, air, earth + water are distributed in your chart + how you can create balance between them

readings last approximately 90 minutes + take place via uberconference which can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

cost: $65.00

book yours here.