break + zen

give yourself a mid-day break + energy boost with lunch break yoga. this class is all about balance + finding the middle. with a focus on hatha yoga geared towards beginners/intermediate level.

empower hour

strengthen your body + mind in this power vinyasa style class. we will focus on building strength + flexibility through asana, centering our minds with breath work + empowering our souls by connecting to our roots + rising up to new possibilities.

evening yinki

rest your major muscles + nurture your small connective tissues + joints as you enter a deep relaxation with passive yin postures. the majority of the class consists of being on the ground, fully supported by props. poses are held for 3-7 minutes. optional energetic healing in the form of the ancient japanese reiki therapy. no yoga experience necessary.

freedom flow vinyasa

freedom flow vinyasa is an hour long class incorporating dharma, breath + flowing yoga sequences all done to a backdrop of different musical genres in each session. expect anything from classical indian music, jazz, rock jams, film music, trip hop electronic, funk, et al! this class is open level + modifications + adjustments will be given to any student, requiring them to make their journey a little more pleasant. participants are encouraged to move "within" the asana, expressing their bodies in any way they feel keeps them present.

good morning flow

unwind from your week + ease into the weekend with an early morning flow. you will be led through a series of postures linking your breath to movement. embody grace + strength as you move with a focus on alignment + quiet effort. this heart opening practice is accessible to all levels.

rise + flow

end your work week with a morning corepower yoga class. beginning with a guided meditation + warm up, we will gradually move through a core strengthening yoga series. you will leave class with firmer arms, abs + a relaxed back, rejuvenated + ready for a fun, firm friday.

slow stretch

slow stretch incorporates breath-work, progressive, mindful stretching, joint freedom + relaxation. this class is great for beginners looking to get more flexible + the experienced practitioner that needs a break from vinyasa + wants to "repair". this is not a flow class. there will be no vinyasa, just slow, breath-connected stretching, joint-freeing sequences + movement.

stråla yoga

move like water, fueled by your breath. the result is flow state. you tap into your creativity + intuition. you feel elevated, energized. you find your own best body, best fitness + best health. you get happy. you radiate light.

stråla yoga is a revolutionary approach to guiding feeling + movement, which gets people radiantly healthy, free, creative + happy.

BASICS: stråla BASICS is a simple flow that builds body awareness, while calming + focusing your mind. moving with ease through simple + challenging moments alike, you’ll feel refreshed, confident + happily capable!

RELAX: stråla RELAX is a moving flow that releases tension from your body + mind, while resting attention calmly on your breath. you drop the stress + feel all-over revitalized!

soul flow

 an open level class geared toward soothing the nervous system, strengthen the body + opening the heart. soul flow incorporates intuitive sequencing, therapeutic anatomy structures, creative + meditative flow techniques with heart based care + a healing current throughout. the class weaves together elements of hatha, vinyasa, yin, restorative + kundalini yoga teachings. you will find both a connection to energetic wellness along with whole body integration.