we are all in this together.

i’d like you meet the folks that support + inspire me, as well as those brands, businesses, podcasts + the like that fuel my fire + make my happy.

em workshop.

Website Design, Organic Growth & Community Support For Wellness Leaders

Join her 8-week Space Camp Program!

In this 8-week group experience; part 1:1 business and tech coaching, part online self-paced course, you'll join a small group of aspiring wellness entrepreneurs who have taken their first step on this journey to create and grow a sustainable lifestyle business in a way that feels authentic, energizing and supportive. Space Camp is here to help show you that you already have the tools you need to take those small but mighty steps forward and grow your business to a place where you can support yourself and others doing the thing that you love most. 

There are two remaining spots in the Founders Group starting July 1. The price will increase for the next session beginning on October 28. Sign up here!

stråla yoga.

soy much brighter.

monmouth beach yoga + wellness.