to root is to establish deeply + firmly. to root is to be grounded in those practices, thoughts, words + deeds that make you, you. root, sweet friend, so that you may rise.


like the roots of a tree, it is necessary our wellness practices start from the ground up, from the inside, or what is below to the surface, out. consider the roots of your wellness the sum of your parts: the food you eat, how you move your body, job satisfaction, the quality of your relationships + your breath. just like each tree growing in the forest is different from the one next to it, no individual's health + wellness goals + needs are exactly the same. this is good news.


when are roots are strong + our foundations solid, we can weather any storm + sway with whatever breeze life throw's our way. be willing to soften + bend so as not to break. 


believe in a better way.

ask for help.

you are so much more than a number on a scale or the size of your jeans. you are a magical being comprised of all the elements of the earth with unlimited potential.

you are earth, water, fire + air. 

trust that you will always know your body better than anyone else.

know that you don't have to go at it alone + that living a healthy life isn't synonymous with deprivation, struggle + fear.

do what feels good.

eat food that makes you happy + nourishes your soul, as well as your cells.

surround yourself with a supportive community that wants to see you thrive in all aspects of your life + will help you do so however they can. 


i am here to help.

let's connect.


yoga is a way in, an alignment + union with oneself. it is not only a movement practice but a life practice.


stråla yoga provides a safe + supportive environment in which people can explore how things feel in their body. based in tai-chi + natural movement principles, it encourages people to create space, to slow down + notice, to use the breath as a spotlight for what is happening in the body + where tension + stress can be released. it is a whole body practice fueled by the breath that helps people do more with less effort.


“rae's classes leave you feeling refreshed, calm + energized. her clear + encouraging guidance makes people feel safe + supported. she is always interested in the people around her + makes everyone feel welcome + at home. ”

— tara stiles, founder of stråla yoga


calm your body + ease your mind.


"rae has a wealth of knowledge + a kind, compassionate nature when supporting + guiding people. simple one of the best yoga classes i have ever experienced."

- sam wells, stråla yoga + meditation guide


whether i have the true fortune of leading a single person or a crowd of individuals, my intention is + always will be the same: to make people feel welcome, supported + at ease + to remind them to begin right where they are. 

you, sweet friend, are enough.