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i am a yoga guide, holistic health coach, applied astrologist, meditation writer + mama based in woodstock, ny.

i am a true believer in being an active participate in your health + wellness + creating a life you love rooted in peace, love + ease.

i began my yoga journey in 2002 with rodney yee vhs tapes, rolling out a sticky mat in my mom's bedroom. i combine my love of stråla, ashtanga, vinyasa, restorative + yin yoga to create a safe environment in which people can explore what shapes + movements feel best for their body in any given moment.

i’ve lead classes, workshops + retreats around the tri-state area + abroad including yoga journal's yoga in the park series in bryant park, on the spirit of ny's yoga cruise + at the cliffs of moher retreat center in county clare, ireland. i was the first guide to bring stråla yoga to northern ireland.  my yoga + health coaching experience has been featured on such websites as the sweat life + yoga journal.

i currently write meditations for expectful, the number one meditation app for fertility, pregnancy + motherhood.

as a certified holistic health coach, i work one-on-one with people to create customized attainable + sustainable health + wellness goals with a focus on nutrition, movement, relationships, mindfulness + more. my unique offering, elemental healing, blends holistic health coaching + applied astrology.

whether i have the true fortune of leading or helping a single person or a crowd of individuals, my intention is + always will be the same: to make people feel welcome, supported + at ease + to remind them to begin right where they are. 

you, sweet friend, are enough.



RYS 200, The Yoga House, Kingston, NY


Debra Silverman’s Applied Astrology Program, Levels 1 + 2


B.S. secondary education english + theatre, university of scranton

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working with rae has been an extraordinarily transformative experience. rae met me were i was + made herself available by text + email throughout our coaching so i always felt supported. with rae’s help, i was able to understand that although my relationship with food + money appeared to be distinct, they shared a common root. identifying this allowed me to begin working on changing patterns of self-care + self love. the conversation in my head shifted + i am kinder + gentler with myself than i have ever been. it’s so refreshing! rae provided me with the space + tools to truly work on myself. i am deeply grateful to her + cannot recommend her highly enough!
— gloria, elemental healing client
my coaching experience with rae has been life changing. + i don’t say that lightly! rae has an uncanny ability to connect with people + understand them. i always felt like our sessions were a safe space to share anything + everything; i never felt judged + i I felt like i could be vulnerable. i remember that one of the first things we discussed was how small changes can make a big difference. i didn’t quite understand the import of that until we started getting in to our sessions. now, i feel like it’s a new way of living + i can see how what seems like the simplest or smallest change, can literally change your morning, or your whole day, or even your life. for anyone that is considering wellness coaching, but isn’t sure if it is for them, i offer this: for many of us, it’s hard to find balance with career, family, obligations, etc. you don’t need to want to lose weight or have some specific goal when you come in to coaching. rae will meet you where you are (figuratively) + you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the ways in which she can help you live your best life. she’ll hold you accountable, but she’ll also help you through it. she’s always professional, but she’s also like a friend. rae has helped me to tap into my creativity + to foster healthy + sustainable habits + routines that i now cherish + that are only mine. As an effectively single parent, working full time, this has been truly life changing. i’m thriving, not just surviving + i’m making progress, not striving for perfection!
— jennifer, health coaching client

“on this path, effort never goes to waste + there is no failure. even a little effort toward spiritual awareness will protect you from the greatest fear.”

the bhagavad gita


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